Fanarts: #bioluminart
NSFW: #fishbooba
• right handed
• 170 centimeters in height
• often seen with: trident, sea-bunnies, bubbles, jellyfish, dr pepper
• background possibilities: ocean (coral reef, deep-sea abyss, Atlantis style ruins), any cozy room setting, arcades, aquariums, or artist choice!
• has double fins on side of head instead of ears, fins on neck, and two dangling angler-fish style lights on either side of head!
• horns are made of coral


Design mama: MeiiArt
Logo: Minaetea
2D model: MeiiArt
2D chibi model: OrenjiAiko


v.1 Emotes Kaii
v.2 Emotes minn_ayuka
reindeer, polarbear, ghost OrenjiAiko
hyper boyscuits
shrekmas, present, christmas tree kellyfleur_
peek jordbearart

Main Assets

Vtuber Model MeiiArt
Header Banner Nobutan
Overlays Mina
Starting Soon tamsk_
Twitch Panels SOON


Underwater room StreamWorks
Underwater room 2 Kstudio
Beach Kimagure Free
Street -Cherry blossom- Pixabay


licensed under Creative Commons AttributionTridents Alfie
Trout GentryHS EAST
headpat CindryShoo
water bottles Microsoft

2D Assets

Crab Model yakitorichan

Cat ears @momokoshoyo
-you can also alwasy ask if i dont update our most used here!-

More F2U Assets Trove

Vtober 2023 @fuitbat_
Onsen BG @TZombabee
Hands & Arms Megathread @VtubersHub
Particle Assets @atomicxlancer
-more in the future-